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kuti puli - Tamil Movie review


Production: N Puranna, S Muruganandam 
Cast: Lakshmi Menon, M Sasikumar 
Direction: M Muthaiah 
Story & Screenplay: M Muthaiah 
Music: M Ghibran 
Cinematography: Mahesh Muthuswamy 
Dialogues: M.Muthaiah 
Editing: Gopi Krishnan 
Singers: Gold Devaraj, Kaushiki Chakrabarthy, Padmalatha, Sundar Narayana Rao 
Lyrics : Ekadesi, Mohan Raj, Vairamuthu 

  When Kuttipuli directed by newcomer Muthaiah commences with blood spewing opening shots, you might believe that this could just be a basic arc of the film because it was certified with a U/A by Censors. However, as the story unfolds, you realize that the gore violence is spread all over the 150 minutes reaching a crescendo in the climax. Again, the sanguine tonality of Kuttipuli could still be acceptable if there was a plausible justification but unfortunately it is not so.

  The Sundarapandian pair of Sasikumar and Lakhsmi Menon had set up some kind of expectation based on their previous track record. However, but for giving the audience quite a few déjà vu moments of the earlier film, the pair does not render much here.

  The story of Kuttipuli is very simple. It is about a mother who does not want her son to follow her husband’s footsteps but desires his settlement in matrimony like every normal man.

  It is harmless if there is no storyline but it could get really destructive when there is a shortfall in treatment and presentation. Most of the time, Kuttipuli lacks any direction and drifts aimlessly. Inept screenplay, archaic storyline, pointless scenes and inconsistent characterization mark Kuttipuli. At no point in the film the director has a grip of his audience. The scenes involving Pappu and gang evoke some kind of laughs while not contributing anything to the progress of the film. There are so many foibles in the film and listing them would be pointless.

  Although Sasikumar is sincere in his efforts- he even does a neat jig of Silambattam- his characterization has nothing new to offer. His character of Kuttipuli is the personification of all things Madurai. He is someone who goes livid if something happens to women from his locality; does not raise his sight towards any woman; extremely respectful of his mom; fights ferociously and even tries to emulate a suave hero. The scene where Saranya and Ramaprabha deride Shah Rukh Khan as an emaciated soul is quite amusing.

  For Saranya, the role of a sacrificing mother is something that she can do in her sleep. Lakshmi Menon’s role is exactly like the one she did in Sundarapandian from her costumes to emotions to body language. Aadukalam Murugadoss in his supporting role as a friend of Sasikumar delivers his bit.

  The excessive usage of old songs especially Ilayaraja’s ‘Ponnoviam Kandenamma’ appears more like a mockery than a tribute. And there are many such songs used which are annoying to say the least.

  The tracks of Ghibran had created the desired effect when they were released. But the picturization has not enhanced its feel. Rest of the technical departments is just about average.

  The film travels on an excessive manipulative melodrama most of the time. And if you are the type who would go gaga over mother sentiment, mindless violence, punch dialogues, Kuttipuli may work for you.

Verdict: Strictly for those who favor ‘amma’ sentiment and rural violence


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